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BCIS Scholarship Program: Interview with Awardees of Year 2016-2017 Part I

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BCIS Scholarship Program

The purpose of the BCIS Scholarship Program is to promote academic excellence and to nurture exceptional talent. BCIS scholarships are awarded to distinguished students irrespective of their families’ financial status. We offer academic scholarships and merit scholarships, ranging from partial scholarships to the fully funded Hua Hong and Founder’s Scholarships, that are intended to inspire and nurture exceptional talents for students who embody and exemplify the mission and vision of BCIS.

BCIS scholarships are investments in the personal, creative, and intellectual development of each student. The educational opportunities made possible by these scholarships encourage each student to give back to their community and participate in an ongoing network of support for BCIS’ alumni program. The scholarships are normally awarded during the final four years of school.

Academic scholarships are awarded annually as determined by academic achievement and academic potential. Merit scholarships are awarded annually on the basis of evidence of high achievement and outstanding academic or non-academic potential in a specific area of endeavor in the fields of sport, writing, the arts, mathematics, science, or technology.


BCIS Scholarship Awardees Share Their Thoughts and Experiences

Recently, two BCIS Scholarship awardees were kind enough to conduct an interview with us as part of our new Scholarship Awardees Series: Ms. Daisy Zheng and Ms. Rebecca Felicelli.

Daisy is one of the most talented and hardworking students ever to grace the halls of BCIS. She joined the school as a Grade 7 student and has flourished ever since. Quiet and shy at first, she eventually broke free from her cocoon and found diverse passions in the arts, sports, and academics. She has played integral roles on various teams and projects, including starting the school’s first film club. Through this, she has stated she hopes to inspire fellow film enthusiasts, as well as encourage others to follow their own passions. After receiving the Hua Hong Merit Scholarship, she mentioned, “This award and recognition will stay with me for the rest of my life and provide me with encouragement during moments of doubt in the future.”

Rebecca is a standout student that has already made her mark in the field of sports as a BCIS Warrior within the short time she has been in the school. Since her first day in the fall of 2016, she has carefully thought of how to make a positive impact. Immediately, she joined numerous clubs and sports teams, and volunteered in various after school programs. Her amazing abilities have led to numerous victories on the court for the various teams she plays on (basketball, volleyball, and football to name a few), as well as much well-earned praise. For her great talents, sportsmanship, and participation in various extracurricular activities aside from sports, she has been given the Hua Hong Merit Scholarship. Upon receiving this honor, she has stated, “The scholarship I have received is the key to my future success. I was given the chance to receive an ideal education guided by the finest instructors. I know it will motivate me to reach my highest potential and use my attributes with the hope that they will leave a lasting legacy at the school.”

1. Why and how did you apply for the Scholarship? Do you have any experiences during the application process or suggestions you would like to share with future applicants and their families?

Daisy: I applied for the Scholarship because I wanted to put in my own efforts in paying for university. In order to apply, I wrote an essay on my contributions to the school and my strengths in the arts. Since I applied for the Merit Scholarship, I also submitted a portfolio of my films and artworks. Finally, the school's board offered me an interview. My suggestion for future applicants would be to find what is unique about you, and use your talents to contribute to the school community.

Rebecca: I applied for the scholarship program at BCIS because I was in awe of the many extracurricular activities and courses the school offered. During the application process, I had to carefully choose my words in essays because I knew that what I wrote would represent who I was as a student and person.

2. How will you benefit from the Scholarship this school year and beyond, particularly in the field that you are pursuing? (academic, sports, arts, or social projects)

Daisy: This Scholarship gave me more opportunities to pursue my interests in different ways. For instance, I joined both Filmmaking and Volleyball camps during the summer, and I am now taking a contemporary dance class which is a new field I am exploring.

Rebecca: I will benefit from the scholarship program whenever I step on a field or court. This is because wherever I go beyond BCIS, I will know that I helped represent a great school and provided my skills in the field of sports.

3. How will you give back to the Community/Society as a scholarship awardee?

Daisy: I would like to continue supporting the school in things such as volleyball and drama productions after I graduate. Also, I would be happy to come back and share my experiences with students still in BCIS.

Rebecca: I hope to give back to the community by always staying active. What I mean by this is by contributing, whether that may be through coaching, being a team player, and simply providing new ideas that could improve the program in the long run.

4. Do you feel any pressure to meet the high expectations that come along with receiving the Scholarship?

Daisy: Yes. I am aware that students from lower grade levels may begin to see us as role models, and this is empowering and scary at the same time. I know that I need to keep my grades up, continue to engage in the school community, and send out a positive message.

Rebecca: As a new student, I felt more pressure than I usually would have at my old school. However, after I settled into my position in the community, I didn’t feel as if my scholarship was a burden, but instead an honor.

5. What do you think are main the qualities necessary for someone to receive the Scholarship?

Daisy: I think the most essential qualities would be academic performance and behavior in school regardless of the type of Scholarship. Other necessary qualities include talents and contributions to the school.

Rebecca: The main qualities a scholarship awardee must have is motivation, responsibility, and attributes that make them “stick out of the crowd.” As an awardee, I have learned that I must not be discouraged by failures in class or the playing field because a scholarship awardee must be able to pick themselves back up and figure out a solution to the problem.


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