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ECC: KG Students Learning and Living Our Mission through the Christmas Bazaar!

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Recently, there has been much hustling and bustling by the Kindergarten students at the ECC. These young learners in particular have shown great initiative by utilizing what they have learned in their “How We Organize Ourselves” Unit of Inquiry these past months for a greater good: Charity – an animal shelter and Help a Child Smile! The knowledge and understanding they had gained throughout this unit empowered them to utilize the opportunity of the Christmas Bazaar to take action. Following the BCIS Mission “to be compassionate and inspired people, who act for the good of all and for the sustainable development of the world,” the children thoroughly prepared for their stall at the Bazaar, with their great efforts resulting in a job very well done.

The Kindergarten students commenced their journey to the Christmas Bazaar extravaganza with various trips to the nearby mall. Studying how markets are run, they wrote down notes and observed everything related to selling items. They noted the prices of goods, noticed the uniforms the sellers wore, saw how items were displayed in windows, and much more. They also took notice of what products seem to be popular, and took in all the vibes of the market. Taking all this information and more back to school, they commenced brainstorming what products to sell at the Bazaar, and how to promote these for maximum effect.

Knowing the way to people’s hearts are their tummies, the students decided to sell delicious ginger cookies to the attendees. They also chose to make and sell Christmas cards and artwork that were eye-catching. To advertise their products, they created posters, flyers, catalogs, and even a TV advert for the masses! They also had a student walking around wearing a box advertising their goods. They even remembered about the uniforms seen at the markets they visited and designed their own T-shirts that were worn by the sellers at the table. Paying great attention to details, they came to the Main Campus, where the event was held, a few days earlier to make maps to let people know exactly where their stall would be.

Making cookie dough, baking cookies, sorting out cards, writing emails to staff members for help, conducting research to find out how to best sell things, and getting all last minute preparations done are daunting tasks for anyone no matter their age. However, the young entrepreneurs not only successfully completed all these tasks, they did them excellently. All the items and artwork found at their table were actually designed and made by the young students themselves, showing how they went above and beyond for this project. Kindergarten Teacher Sarah Metzger summarized their work here:

"They chose how to display the merchandise, designed t-shirts for us to wear when we sell the cards, worked out marketing strategies based on our field trips to the mall, and helped to decide how much the cards will cost. They have written emails to staff to ask for help, done research to find out how best to sell things, and volunteered to come and sell them on the day. We are so proud of them! It really is empowering for them to take their How We Organize Ourselves unit and to apply their knowledge and understandings in a real life context!"

The Kindergarten students’ great efforts and unwavering determination led to a profit of 3,500 RMB. Following the school’s mission, the young learners have decided to donate their earnings to an animal charity to purchase food and warm blankets for furry friends, as well as the Help a Child Smile organization. We could not be more proud of their kindness and accomplishment.


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