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2017 Christmas Bazaar Raises 36,600 RMB for MCF

20171208 christmas bazaar raises banner

On December 2, the Migrant Children’s Foundation (MCF) and Beijing City International School (BCIS) co-hosted the Christmas Bazaar at the BCIS Main Campus. With over 70 Christmas shopping stalls selling a wide a range of products, including food, beverages, and handicrafts, attendees could be seen happily browsing for perfect holiday gifts, all while in a festive mood. With community and charity being the key words of the day, there were various student-led booths that helped raised money for worthy causes, showing how empowered and caring our students are.

In addition to the wonderful treats and trinkets on sale, a diverse program featuring live music and other performances from BCIS students and guests helped keep everyone’s spirit up. One was able to see choirs, dancing groups, rock bands, and great solos! Grade 3 student Anna sang her heart out on a song titled, “Fairy Tales of the Sea.” When asked about the Bazaar, she stated, “I am really happy to be here. It is exciting and I’m ready to perform for everyone!” One of the highlights was none other than the visiting migrant school children, who took to the stage with great confidence. While wearing deer antlers on their head, they performed a lively rendition of the song “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer,” which they were actually taught by BCIS students.

Since the early start of this semester, the 30 members of our BCIS MCF team of student volunteers have taken turns going to the MCF and the Migrant Children school each Saturday, along with their advisor, MYP and DP Chinese Teacher Ms. Elaine Chen. Each time, they teach the young learners lessons about subjects, such as Music, Art, and English, that they have prepared in their weekly internal meetings. They also share stories about their life experiences, which the children always enjoy listening to. Since Christmas is right around the corner, BCIS students taught them the history and traditions of the holiday. They also prepared them for their musical performance by watching the classic film, “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer,” which is where they got the idea to sing the song. All the children’s learning and efforts culminated in an enthusiastic performance that the audience highly enjoyed and appreciated by offering rapturous applause.

By the end of the event, and after around 2,000 visitors stopped by, a total of 36,600 RMB was raised for the MCF. The Director of MCF Beijing, Helen Boyle, recently announced that with the money collected, 33 migrant children have already received health check-ups in Beijing, with that number set to increase in the coming days.

BCIS would like to thank the MCF for their support and partnership in co-hosting another successful Christmas Bazaar, as well as all the BCIS staff, students, parents, and other community members who gave up their time on Saturday to make it a truly special event.


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